Blimey, it’s actually happening! I’ve only gone and booked the very first ‘Time I Almost…’ night! I feel excited, nervous, scared, slightly hormonal but above all else, I can’t believe this is finally happening! Here’s the poster:

It has words and pictures and everything! Holler!

Thanks to Elyse Marks Photography for an awesome press shoot for this- she is truly amazing. I said, ‘can we do something Sliding Doors-ey’ and she nailed it! It was very embarrassing to shoot in the Underground at Rush Hour, but well worth all the shame!

So, do come along if you can- I mean, I’d love to see you there and make the night a real sell-out, particularly as I’ve decided to donate all profits to Women’s Aid, who deserve all the support in the world, quite frankly!

I will let you know more about the format of the night nearer the time and let you know how to get involved and come up onstage and tell everyone your own ‘Time I Almost’ stories, but for now, if you have any questions, just drop me a mail at

Years ago I was watching a Kevin Costner film, ‘Field Of Dreams’ when he said, ‘build it and they will come’ and it really stuck with me (I mean the film was frikkin’ terrible but that was one hell of a motto and way better than anything I’ve heard on this season’s ‘Love Island’).So Reader, I’ve finally built it- all I ask is that you come…

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