So, I am relaunching my comedy storytelling night, ‘The Time I Almost…’ at The Book Club after a little hiatus and I would really love you all to come to the first event on Tuesday November 26th.

I can promise a super fun evening, full of Schadenfreude, as me and a bunch of other funny folk regale you with stories of the times we almost done stuff and that.

Just so you know, on the night I will probably be talking about: touring with Busted, nearly killing a member of S Club 7, my almost brain tumour, my time as a sort of Spy and my nearly sexytimez with Robbie Williams…

Past storytelling alumni (is that the right word?) include the leggy Laura Patch, the legendary Leon Nikolai Tatz, the sasspot Sarah Mills, the ridiculously deep voiced Rich Keeble and the deadpan Daddyshortlegs and of course I will be DEMANDING that they all come back asap as they were all so bloody good.

And if you are reading this now and thinking ‘maaaaate, this sounds like a bit of me’ and you have a 3 minute story of your own to tell and would lurve to come up onstage and share it with our fab audience, then slide yourself into my DMs this instant and let’s make it happen!

You should totally expect laughter, tears and closure.

Come along! It’s gonna be amaze! Oh and please share and spread the word as I am doing all of this out of my kitchen…

Tickets are on sale NOW either through this site, or simply click here!

Thank you,

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