HNY folks! I just wanted to let you know that the first ‘The Time I Almost’ of the new decade is fast upon us! Not sure how, but it’s already January – the little bugger just sneaked up on me there- and I’m already crazily prepping for the show like a ruddy lunatic, but I’m so excited to be back! Not least because I have some fab news…

Yup, klaxon alert, the wonderful and hugely successful author Jenny Colgan will be joining me on my next show Tues Jan 21st at London’s Book Club, which we will be recording live for my ‘The Time I Almost’ podcast! Whoop!

The gorgeous Jenny Colgan

Jenny is a very successful author (I’m currently midway through her latest novel, ‘An Island Christmas‘ and can’t wait to see what happens to Flora and Lorna) and she’s also an hilarious human to boot, so I am delighted she said yes to being interviewed about all the ‘times she almost’ . We will also have some of our regular ‘The Time I Almost’ storytellers on the bill such as TV’s Anna Morris and comedy writer extraordinaire, Nico Tatarowicz and some new faces too! Be prepared to be shocked, surprised and maybe a little aroused by their unique stories, some of which HAVE NEVER BEEN TOLD BEFORE TO A SINGLE HUMAN! You are some very lucky puppies, I tell thee!

Tickets are on sale NOW at just £6 in advance or £4 concessions and 20% of all profits go to Women’s Aid. The charity have done a lot for me and some amazing women I have met on my journey and even if you can’t come to the show, do think about donating via their website to help them with all the life-changing work that they do.

Here is the link to book tickets for ‘The Time I Almost’ JANUARY- bring a friend, bring a date, bring a frenemy and sign them up to the mailing list so they get inundated with emails from me as a passive aggressive punishment: https://www.designmynight.com/london/bars/shoreditch/the-book-club/the-time-i-almost-1?t=tickets

Not. My. Feet.

The night all came out of my own memoir and blog about my Lemony Snickett career in the entertainment industry and the theme is very much about embracing failure and persevering. It is a topic that it incredibly close to my heart, seeing as I am the current title-holder of ‘The World’s Most Almost Famous Person’ and yes it is all comedy and fun but hopefully, if you come along, you will get a little more out of it than that. Maybe a fresh perspective on life. Perhaps a little closure….

Hope to see t’all there! Love, Alexis xxx

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