Feb Poster 2020

Well, hello there! It is time for another ‘The Time I Almost’ and I am super excited to tell you that the next show on Feb 18th will be an ‘Anti-Valentine’s Day Special’!

What on earth is that when it’s at home, then?

Well, I thought that it would be fun to celebrate all the bits that don’t quite go to plan about love, rather than give everyone nausea or FOMO. I want to celebrate the ickiness, squelchiness and the sheer shock horror oddness of love and coming out the other side of it, or maybe even just realising that you are in LOVE and that that can be hella weird and joyous at the same time too.

So, bring your broken hearts and your faded dreams (and denim) and join me for a celebration of love gone wrong at The Book Club on Feb 18th at The Book Club. Tickets are on sale now with the usual 20% of all profits going to Women’s Aid – click here to book- and if you book in advance it is cheaper and you get put on my mailing list, which means I will no doubt stalk you until eternity, or at the very least until you opt out, which is quite similar to getting a Valentine’s Card, I think you will all agree!

Much love darlings,

Alexis xoxo

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