I just wanted to do a little shout out to all the fabulous ladies who have guested on the show so far because they are AMAZING and they DESERVE it! Here they are in all their fabulousness: Kerry Godliman, Shazia Mirza, Sajeela Kershi, Rachel Creeger, Laura Smyth and Sian Davies:

Every time someone agrees to being on the show, my collaborator Lynne Parker at Funny Women and I do a little whoop and a jump in the air. For realz. And it isn’t just because otherwise we’d just be sat in an empty virtual studio all by ourselves, muttering into oblivion in our little echo chamber, no we just really appreciate the time, skill and kindness it takes to be a guest on the show and I just wanted to say thanks.

Right now, we are all struggling in our own ways with the pandemic, all in the same boat, just in different ships, so I know how much effort it takes to agree to be on a podcast- more so than ever before- to try and set that precious time aside for the recording, to claw forty-five minutes away from loved ones, kids, pets, to be open to being interviewed, to try and be upbeat and ‘on’ and funny when the world is spinning off its axis. I get it.

So this is just a thank you as we reach Episode 5 of the show this Friday. We have some incredible guests lined up for you for future episodes and we’d love to know what you think about the show. You can now access it on iHeartradio as well as Spotify, Twitcher, iTunes and Acast- please do comment, subscribe and tell everyone on the entire planet about ‘The Funny Women Survival Guide’ because the last part of this thank you goes out to you, our listeners, for coming on this fabulous journey with us.


Alexis x

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