About Alexis

Alexis Strum is a writer, actor and former popstar from London who has been entertaining live audiences for over 20 years.

She has written a comedy memoir about her experiences in the entertainment business called, ‘The Time I Almost…’. She likes to think of herself as ‘the Forrest Gump of the Z list‘.

Alexis has also variously been a sort of spy, a songwriter, a nearly supermodel, a precocious child, a moody teen, a single mum on benefits and much much more… plus she bakes ridiculously good (fattening) brownies and is a total MILF.

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For all voiceover enquiries, contact: ian@reddoorvision.co.uk

For all literary enquiries, contact: Leah Middleton at Marjacq

For anything else, contact: thetimeialmost@gmail.com

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