Alexis Strum should have become a big star…

…she’s the girl who wrote songs for Kylie Minogue and Jessie J, had Ellie Goulding and ‘Christian Grey’ support her on stage, who had ‘Lucifer’ play her boyfriend in a music video, who supported Pete Doherty, who duetted with Robbie Williams, who virtually married an actual Prince, who almost played Matt Le Blanc’s wife on TV, who sort of became the next Kate Moss, who played The V Festival and SXSW, who nearly modelled for John Galliano, who nigh on killed a member of S Club, who once became a sock puppet, who had record deals, modelling contracts, TV contracts, you name it and the best hair extensions money could buy, who really should’ve become the next big thing…

…but she didn’t.

This is the book about what went wrong.

The Time I Almost…’ is the first in a series of memoirs from Alexis and it’s THE book to read if you’ve ever been dumped or didn’t get that job —  perfect for those moments when you fall short of being the next big thing and have to settle for the next best thing instead. It’s the literary equivalent of having an older sibling who f**s up, so you don’t have to!

Alexis describes herself as ‘the living Apollo 13 Mission’, she’s a living TED Talk on Rejection and she wrote the book on failure, literally!

The Time I Almost…’ — because un-famous people deserve autobiographies too!

Alexis is currently looking for a publisher for ‘The Time I Almost…’. For all enquiries please contact Leah at Marjacq. Below is just a vanity mock-up!