Former Popstar

Formerly a recording artist with Sony, Warner and Mercury records and a songwriter with Warner Chappell for Kylie Minogue, Rachel Stevens, Wonderland, etc, Alexis has a strong presence on the web. She has provided guest vocals for York, Lange and The Thrillseekers and her tracks have made it onto Radio 1, Radio 2 and beyond.

Her various music videos total over a million hits online and her career spans an impressive 17 years (even though she is still barely a foetus!)…During her music career, she found time to write for TV soundtracks such as, ‘The Inbetweeners’, ITV’s ‘Vital Signs’ and MTV’s ‘Teen Wolf’. As a recording artist, Alexis had some brilliant career highlights including singing on a track for Robbie Williams, singing BVs on recordings for Gary Barlow, Rachel Stevens, Wonderland and Kylie Minogue, performing at both the V and SXSW Festival, doing  acoustic slots on Radio 2 and nearly killing a member of S Club 7. Now she sings ‘Twinkle Twinkle’ for her daughter and drunken songs in bars if she is with her mates. She really genuinely was an Almost Popstar once though, ok?!