Alexis’s Twitch channel has only been around since July 2020 but is already attracting a huge buzz, namely for her show, ‘The HR Department’ which has been featured in Chortle, Comedy Network Live and The British Comedy Guide and which features Alexis as Head of a fictitious HR department, trying to find a new job for her celebrity guests. The idea for the show came about from a short sketch she wrote and starred in with Jason Manford.

She currently has 2k followers on the platform and has four main entertainment shows: Call Of Duty Free, a comedy gameshow set on a plane, The HR Department, Googlebox, where she trawls through her special guest’s Google history and The Friday Show, a magazine type show containing a segment called, ‘Strumanory’ where she reads celebrity autobiographies to a nature backdrop. The GC is a particular favourite!

The HR Department

Googlebox (with Rob Rinder & Lee Kern)

Call Of Duty Free

The Friday Show


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